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swami rajneesh:

swami rajneesh is a controversial and rebellious devotee of bhagwan shree rajneesh since 1981.

rajneesh is a dancing buddha.. the way of dance.. reaching a peaked energetic state..
then settling into silence and stillness in let go, creating a meditative heightened state of  awareness.

he expresses the inner journey to be utterly simple
living your day to day ordinary life with meditativeness and vertical states of awareness

Together with the energy project:

the energy project, vibrant musicians living in the exotic volcanic lanzarote island,
have fused their creative genius with rajneesh speaking to create songs with the message of truth, the new wave of enlightened new age buddhas reaching our hearts through music.

OZEN Cocom Mexico:

the eco village project is on a 19 hectares forest land with a cenote as the heart centre surrounded by beautiful tropical gardens for zazen sitting and walking pathways
this unique village is conceived in a mystical mayan circle as an oasis for creative arts crafts music and dance, mayan wisdom, eastern ayurveda, yoga, vipassana, meditation and silent retreat for the science of inner transformation
this eco development will offer residents and visitors the experience of nature, silence, tranquility, meditativeness and a compassionate space for growth and flowering of human consciousness
inner science mystery school & training courses
we are creating an inner science mystery school where we will offer ancient mayan traditions, buddhist vipassana, tibetan teachings, indian ayurveda, yoga, patanjali yoga, pranayama, healing panchkarma
we also offer meditations and therapies like mystic rose, born again, no mind, painting group, breath, prana healing, primal, work as meditation
all therapies and meditations will be offered for free.