the energy project
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the energy project - Walter Herold


• the energy project • music for free spirits . . .

is a music project created by Walter Herold from orgy records / Germany . .
it did start in the year 1999. (Before it was called "orgy work & sound company", founded in 1988 . . . )
in the beginning it was a studio project, with musicians from all over the world
who met at the orgy studios / Lanzarote Island.The live band started in 2010.

Walter Herold, producer, composer, musician, is working with different musicians and singers.

the musical style : new age - world - chill out - alternative- blues - rock

N E W S -->

new album / Fivehundred Ravens

2017 new single / video - social media addiction

new single / video - fivehundred ravens

new single / video - let me get out of here

new single / video - the last blues

2016 new video - here we go


Fivehundred Ravens
The energy project

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